The Significance of a Long Table…

Many people ask us how Long Table Distillery got its name. Two years ago we started evolving our dream of starting up a micro-distillery. We knew we wanted to introduce friends and visitors to our passion in a place that combined our foodie background, recognized our desire to produce a hand-made product incorporating our belief in being local and sustainable, and of course, encourage social gatherings.

Friend filled evenings, great conversations, fine food and beverage sparked our desire to create a tasting room suitable for kindred spirits to share our craft. We felt a long table would be the perfect spot for that meeting place. This notion set the wheels in motion to locate a unique piece of locally sourced timber.

Our searches lead us to Karl, a Lower Mainland icon in timber recovery. A classically trained architect and artisan, his lumberyard became our haven as we wandered in search of the perfect piece of lumber. Our goal was to find a vertically hewn timber, wide and long. We found exactly that, a beautifully hand milled sequoia redwood plank cut from a locally recovered urban tree.

At four inches thick, four feet wide, and 14 feet long, we had at last found our tasting room table. With the help of friends and family this rough hewn plank with its natural ‘live edge’ was brought back to life and now forms the gathering place where we can meet you and share our craft. Our name – Long Table Distillery, was born.

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