Charles + Rita

At Long Table we are all about local, handcrafted & small batch.

Vancouver’s first micro-distillery, Long Table was founded in 2013 by HEAd Distiller Charles Tremewen and Partner Rita.  As ginsmiths their focus is on producing handcrafted, premium-quality GINs AND spirits is rooted in a passion for following traditional distillation practices on a small-batch scale.

In each batch, Long Table brings together 100-per-cent Canadian grain-based alcohol, a range of organic and natural ingredients, locally foraged botanicals and West Coast-inspired recipes that have built the distillery’s reputation for offering an award-winning and critically acclaimed lineup of gins, vodkas and seasonal spirits.

Long Table’s custom-built, 300-litre copper-pot still is the beating heart of an operation that consistently micro-distills a celebrated collection of premium spirits that reveal bold character and refined taste. Each handcrafted batch tells a story of unique and often subtle flavour notes that are derived from skillfully crafted proprietary recipes.

Long Table’s fresh, organic and natural ingredients are handpicked by a network of expert wild foragers in local mountains or from select sources around the world. Even the water Long Table uses is sourced from British Columbia’s pristine Coast Mountain Range.

The full lineup of Long Table’s small-batch craft spirits are available at its distillery at 1451 Hornby St. in Vancouver. A limited selection is also available at private liquor retailers and most BC Liquor Distribution Branch retail outlets throughout the province, as well as select locations in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and on-line United Kingdom. Check locations and availability at the BCLDB’s online product catalogue.

Long Table spirits are proudly featured at top restaurants and bars that offer signature Long Table cocktails on the menu — just ask for Long Table by name.


About Charles Tremewen | Co-founder and Head Distiller

Even before he founded Long Table Distillery, Charles Tremewen had an abiding affinity and passion great gin and the fine art of distilling and producing small-batch, handcrafted spirits.

In university, he and his friends would often try their hand at crafting their own brand of beer and spirits, but it wasn’t until he and his wife Rita embarked on a fortuitous trip to craft-distilling hotspot Portland, OR in 2010 that he decided to pursue his old passion and set in motion the wheels that would lead the pair to open Vancouver’s first micro-distillery. In 2011, he graduated from the Artisan Distilling Course at Michigan State University and began carefully building a blueprint for their independent distillery that opened its doors in the north False Creek neighbourhood in early 2013.

Today, Charles leads a growing business that has garnered both international attention and critical acclaim for its unique and proprietary recipes of premium, small-batch Gins, Vodkas and Seasonal Spirits made from a 100-per-cent Canadian agricultural base and an array of locally foraged botanicals, and are produced on site in Long Table’s custom-designed and handcrafted 300-litre copper-pot still.

“We do nothing at Long Table other than follow our passion,” says Charles, “and we are incredibly passionate about what we do. We love what we make and we love that people enjoy our handcrafted spirits. At Long Table, we are purists. We believe in premium quality, consistency and a collaborative spirit.”