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 ThorThor Paulson

Craft Bartender, Vancouver, BC

Thor is the bar manager at The Diamond, a restaurant with a focus on fresh, local ingredients and nose-to-tail butchery, alongside extensive wine and cocktail programs. He loves reading, travelling, and drinking, preferably all at the same time.


Den Kloster
1-1/2 oz Long Table Långbord Akvavit (aquavit)
2/3 oz Yellow Chartreuse
3/4 oz freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice
1/6 oz freshly-squeezed lemon juice
1/2 oz honey water [made by mixing equal parts honey and hot water and allowing to cool]
Grapefruit peel

Mix ingredients in cocktail shaker. Shake with ice, and fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Express grapefruit oils over drink, and discard.

This cocktail is an adaptation of the Cloister cocktail (an obscure 1970s era cocktail that appears in the Playboy Bartender’s Guide by Thomas Mario, 1972), which is made of gin, grapefruit, lemon, and yellow Chartreuse. I just subbed in aquavit for gin, and added honey to make up for the savory caraway charactistics. Den Kloster is danish for the Cloister. Super refreshing, the Chartreuse and Long Table Långbord Akvavit are complex and herbaceous, yet approachable.

Backhanded Complement
1-1/2 oz Long Table Långbord Akvavit (aquavit)
3/4 oz Long Table London Dry Gin
1/4 oz maraschino liqueur
1/6 oz pastis (such as Pernod or Ricard’s)
Star anise pod (optional)

Add ingredients to mixing glass. Stir with ice until frost forms on outside of mixing vessel (roughly 90 seconds, depending on starting temperature). Pour into chilled cocktail glass. Drop in star anise pod for garnish.

The original Complement Cocktail, of which this drink is based, was made by Hardeep Rehal, from Bar Rouge in Copenhagen. The “backhanded” portion of this drink comes from inverting the ratios of Long Table London Dry Gin and Long Table Långbord Akvavit to put more emphasis on the latter. The pastis plays up the anise notes in the Akvavit (as well as giving it a beautiful opalescent appearance)  and the maraschino pulls it all together.

MitchellMitchell Kerr

Craft Bartender, Vancouver, BC

Mitchell started out in the kitchens of Australia on the road to pursuing a career as a chef until he found a new calling at the age of 18, the age in which he was truly able to begin drinking in earnest.  He tended bar at hotels around Gold Coast, Australia before relocating to Lake Louise, Alberta. Upon completing the obligatory time every Australian is required to spend at a Canadian ski hill, Mitchell made the transition to Vancouver, BC. Presently he manages the Beverage Program for Hyatt Regency and with specific contributions to the acclaimed Grain Tasting Bar. Bringing a passion for local distilleries combined with fresh ingredients the Grain menu offers a wide variety of flavours and spirits representing British Columbia.

Coriander Collins
2 oz Long Table London Dry Gin
¾ oz lime juice
¾ oz Coriander Seed & Red Chilli Pepper Simple Syrup
2 small cucumber slices
1 oz soda water

Add first 4 ingredients into shaker tin and fill with ice. Shake hard and strain into a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with 1 oz soda water. Garnish with fresh cucumber.

The Ginsberg
1 oz Rooibos tea infused Long Table London Dry Gin
.5 oz Lillet Blanc
.5 oz Long Table Texada Vodka
.25 oz Aperol
Dash Fee Brothers grapefruit bitters

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass, top with ice and stir to chill. Strain into coupe glass and garnish with an orange twist.

IMG_8103Donnie Wheeler

Craft Bartender, TORONTO, ON

With nearly two decades of experience behind the wood ranging from dive bars, nightclubs strip clubs, to award winning fine dining restaurants & notable cocktail lounges across the country, Donnie Wheeler has brought a variety of talents and expertise to Long Table Distillery as a prior resident craft bartender.

His focus and passion are always based though on the education of good drinking and the overall Guest Experience. “The more we teach others to drink better, the more we all drink better” Donnie’s been keeping people in good spirits since 1995.

The Bittered Smash Sour
1.5 oz Long Table Bourbon Barrelled Gin
1 egg white
1 oz lemon juice
0.5 oz demerarra simple syrup
1 dash of pink Himalayan salt
4 large basil leaves
3 dashes of angostura

In a Boston shaker, gently muddle basil leaves with Long Table Bourbon Barrelled Gin, then combine egg whites, lemon juice, simple syrup, & angostura and shake vigorously, without ice, for a minute.  Now, add ice and shake once more then double strain into and chilled coupe. Finish with a dash of sprinkled salt and garnish with a sprig of fresh basil.

Chubbs Palmer
1.5 oz Long Table Bourbon Barrelled Gin
2 oz lemonade
2 oz grapefruit soda
2 oz cold sweetened Earl Grey black tea

This cocktail was made as a nod to one of the greatest golf movies of all time… a “Happy” version of an Arnold Palmer biography.  Pour all the ingredients over large ice, gently stir until chilled, strain and serve.  Garnish with a grapefruit peel twist.

Beach & Howe ’75
2 oz Long Table Bourbon Barrelled Gin
1 oz lemon juice
0.25 oz honey syrup
4 oz sparkling wine

This is a local twist on the classic.  In a Boston shaker combine lemon juice, local honey and Long Table Bourbon Barrelled Gin, shake well then strain into a chilled coupe and top with sparkling white wine.

Camp X
A twist on Ian Fleming’s Vesper cocktail, Camp X was where the author James Bond trained to be a spy during the Second World War.

1 1/2 oz Long Table London Dry Gin
3/4 oz Long Table Texada Vodka
1/2 oz Long Table Empire Tonic Syrup
Rinse of Long Table Långbord Akvavit

Pour Long Table London Dry Gin and Texada Vodka and tonic syrup into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir vigorously until well chilled. Double strain into a Long Table Långbord Akvavit-rinsed coupe and garnish with a star anise and lemon peel twist.

Ryan MalcolmRyan Malcolm

Craft Bartender, Vancouver Island, BC

Ryan was born a bartender. As a small child Ryan grew up swinging on glassware hooks and drawing colours on Guinness signage at a pub/restaurant that his father had shares in. At the young age 22 Ryan was named in the top 5 Masters of Mixology in Monday Magazine and received 2nd place in the Best Bartender at Art. At 24 he refers to himself as an Industry Maverick being a local beer and tonic company sales person.  He is a key organizer for the Victoria Beer Week and runs the Bar Program for a successful high end event management company specializing in cocktail shows. His cocktail wizardry is published in Shawn Soole/Nate Caudle’s ‘Cocktail Culture’ book.

The Northern Inspiration
1.5oz Long Table Långbord Akvavit (aquavit)
0.5oz Long Table Texada Vodka
0.5oz Benedictine
1 healthy dash of Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters
*Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe. Garnish optional, but a lemon twist can be nice.

This spirit forward cocktail was designed to satisfy my need for a spicy, spirit forward cocktail that also tickled my craving for a touch of sweetness. Balanced and assertive this cocktail is a great opportunity for an adventurous imbiber to explore Akvavit beyond the realm of pickled herring and Caesar variations.

Cyle SerraCyle Serra

Craft Bartender, Victoria, BC

Cyle Serra many creative passions including, studying herbalism, growing his own food, wild crafting native plants, and cooking nutritious meals. Drawing from all of these interests, he brings a new style of super food styled cocktails to the scene at his new bar Be Love. With his knowledge of wild plants and gardening, a ‘homegrown’ gin is something that has always been on his mind. Working with spirits created by the Master Distiller at Long Table Distillery a host of very interesting local BC inspired libations are about to join fray.

The BC Bramble
1.5 oz Long Table London Dry Gin
0.5 oz Lemon verbena & blackberry cordial
Serve over crushed ice pouring the gin first and floating the Lemon Verbena Blackberry Cordial on top.

Lemon Verbena Blackberry Cordial Recipe:
1 part Long Table Texada Vodka
1 part blackberry juice
1 part lemon verbena honey syrup (Infuse 1cup hot water with 1/2 cup fresh lemon verbena, let steep for 10 minutes, strain and add 1 cup of the most local honey you can find)
Mix all ingredients well and use.

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