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Barrel-Aged Akvavit

Barrel-Aged Akvavit

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750 mL / 42% ABV

Tasting notes

This Swedish styled Akvavit is copper-pot distilled in small-batches and then rested in Rye Barrels giving it a distinctive oak, licorice and orange note on the nose. Rich caramel warmth on the palate. Lingering vanilla, licorice and subtle spicy chocolate finish.

Suggested uses: Perfect served as a traditional Scandinavian shot, this smooth spirit finds its way into a host modern cocktails. When served from the freezer, its thicker viscosity makes this barrel aged Akvavit an inviting aperitif and/or digestif and the perfect base for variety of creative craft cocktails.

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Currently ONLY available at Long Table Distillery – Limited Quantities