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Cucumber Gin
Cucumber Gin

Cucumber Gin

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750 mL / 44% ABV


This gold award winning BC crafted Gin is a copper pot distilled, New Western Dry Gin with nine botanicals and B.C. farm fresh cucumbers, seasonally sourced. This gin greets your palate with notes of fresh garden cucumber and soft citrus leading to a lingering peppery finish.


 Ideal in a dry martini served in a chilled lemon-rimmed glass and garnished with cucumber, Gin & Tonics and a gin base for lighter cocktails.




“This cucumber gin from Long Table offering is poised to replace Hendrick’s in your liquor cabinet.” – Neal McLennan, The Bar Fly (Western Living Magazine)

"Top prize in my mind!" Janet Gyenes, Food & Beverage Critic (BC Living Magazine)