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Långbord Akvavit
Långbord Akvavit

Långbord Akvavit

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750 mL / 42% ABV

Tasting Notes

This premium Akvavit is copper pot distilled using a traditional Scandinavian recipe. This licorice forward spirit gets it’s character from six hand picked botanicals which include caraway, fennel, anise and Seville orange. The nose is greeted by complex licorice and orange notes but on the pallet a smooth, sweet nish of lingering marmalade and prevailing herbal notes. Served from the freezer its thicker viscosity makes Långbord Akvavit an ideal aperitif and digestif, served around a meal, and as a base for creative craft cocktails.

Suggested uses: Perfect served as a traditional Scandinavian shot, this smooth spirit finds its way into a host modern cocktails. Visit our Craft Cocktail page for ideas.



“A cool alternative to gin.
Very well made spirit”

—Josh Pape

Where to buy

BCLDB +898502 / available at BCLDB stores and select private liquor stores

AGLC +898502 / Now in select liquor stores across Alberta